Walter Jehne: The True Costs of Cheap Food

Walter Jehne is a renowned soil microbiologist and climate scientist with Australia’s CSIRO. He is the cofounder of Healthy Soils Australia, Regenerate Earth, and the Rehydrate California Initiative, and works as a consultant for regenerative agricultural projects across the globe. Walter Jehne serves on the Real Organic Project Advisory Board.

In this episode, the Real Organic Podcast gets deep into the real costs of producing industrial food, including the rise of both diseases and healthcare costs, and the overall decline of  nutrients available to eaters. Walter Jehne also speaks to the role healthy soil plays in supplying essential nutrients to our food while also preventing the uptake of toxins.

The Real Organic Podcast is hosted by Dave Chapman and Linley Dixon, engineered by Brandon StCyr, and edited and produced by Jenny Prince.

IWEWalter Jehne: The True Costs of Cheap Food