Towards a Common Food Policy for the EU

The report „Towards a Common Food Policy for the EU“ by iPES FOOD argues for a Common Food Policy for the European Union: a policy setting a direction of travel for the whole food system, bringing together the various sectoral policies that affect food production, processing, distribution, and consumption, and refocusing all actions on the transition to sustainability.

It highlights the conflicting objectives of existing policies, and the potential for new synergies to be established. The report maps out a new governance architecture for food systems, and puts forward a concrete vision of the policy reform and realignment that is required in order to deliver sustainable food systems. 

The Common Food Policy vision draws on the collective intelligence of more than 400 farmers, food entrepreneurs, civil society activists, scientists and policymakers consulted through a three-year process of research and deliberation.

Hier finden Sie das Executive Summary auf Deutsch zum Download.

Hier finden Sie den kompletten Report auf Englisch zum Download.

IWETowards a Common Food Policy for the EU