Analysis: The Global Food System

Challenges to transition to a sustainable and resilient food system

The Global Food System – An Analysis (January 2016) is a 156 pages strong study by Eva Gladek and colleagues on the current structure of the food system that lies at the center of a nexus of global problems, stretching from poverty to environmental degradation.

The study is focussing on four main challenges that need to be addressed simultaneously in order to transition to a sustainable and resilient food system: (1) Adaptive and Resilient Food System, (1) Nutritious Food For All, (3) Remaining Within Planetary Boundaries, (4) Supporting Livelihoods and Wellbeing.

From the summary: „Making food policy decisions for the global food system requires stronger and more cooperative international governance. Many impacts in the food system today can be traced back to a structural limitation of governance and enforcement.“

IWEAnalysis: The Global Food System