FAO framework for the Urban Food Agenda

On Thursday 7 March, the Director-General launched the FAO framework for the Urban Food Agenda. The result of an inclusive consultative process, the framework is informed by four guiding principles which ensure that actions taken to strengthen rural-urban linkages in support of food system development are compatible with the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda. These principles provide the grounds for seven comprehensive areas of support through which FAO, with partners, can assist governments to: 

Enable improved policy environments through coordinated laws, regulations, governance and empowerment of institutions;  

Execute actions according to context-specific realities, inter alia, shorter supply chains, inclusive public food procurement, innovative agro-food business, healthier food and green environments, and optimized supply chains and sustainable bio economy; and

Expand good practices through the exchange of information and cooperation, and provide a basis for global fora that facilitate the participation of different levels of government to effectively promote good practices on food system governance. The launch event will provide an opportunity to introduce the framework, to discuss with municipalities and key partners how it can best be operationalized, and to highlight how the activities of technical divisions and decentralized offices in FAO can benefit from the framework.

Watch the full video documentation of the event here.

Download the paper „FAO framework for the Urban Food Agenda“ here.

IWEFAO framework for the Urban Food Agenda