Draft: London Food Strategy

The draft London Food Strategy launched for consultation. It sets out the Mayor of London’s vision to improve the city’s food system as a key part of his social fairness and economic equality agenda and contains a raft of ambitious proposals including a proposal to ban all unhealthy food and drink advertising on the Transport for London (TfL) network i.e. including London Underground trains and stations, London Overground and the capital’s buses and bus shelters.

The draft Strategy sets out this proposal and others developed in partnership with the London Food Board under six priority areas:

• Good food at home;
• Good food shopping and eating out;
• Good food in public institutions and community settings;
• Good food for maternity, early years, education and health;
• Good food growing, community gardens and urban farming; and
• Good food for the environment

The consultation period will last for eight weeks and will end on 5th July. Feedback from Food for Cities members is very much appreciated. Please respond via the online survey at www.london.gov.uk/draft-food-strategy or email any comments to londonfood@london.gov.uk. You can download the PDF version of the draft London Food strategy here.

Photo Credit: Pug Girl/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

IWEDraft: London Food Strategy